Streamline and Strengthen

Hillman Hardware


Hillman 2012:

The Hillman brand was complicated. There was little consistency in brand representation. Sometimes their packaging didn’t say Hillman at all. But their customers loved them anyway.

The Hillman Group sells a lot of hardware items: screws, nuts, bolts, nails, picture hanging kits, keys, garage sale signs, hitch pin clips, furniture moving straps, and so much more. It seems that they have products in every category at just about every hardware store across America. That’s a lot. You could probably line up all the screws and half of the nails they sell and create a necklace around the world 2 times!


How did Zap help?

  • Too many sub-brands weakened the parent brand: Re-established and built recognition of the Hillman parent brand by streamlining their portfolio to just 10 distinct and still ownable sub-brands. Ensured a consistent brand stage for packaging.
  • Designed new packaging graphics for about 500 of their remaining successful sub-brand skus.
  • Developed unique POP signage and way finding for Lowe’s, The Home Depot and your local hardware stores in the Fastener and Hardware categories. 
  • Project managed, proof read, and built about 7,500 print-ready files.  
  • Provided easy-to-shop in-store merchandising to help drive the 330,000,000 cash register rings per year at Lowe’s, that’s about 5,500,000 continuous hours of hearing the bleep of the scanner!
  • The Hillman Group will be soon rolling out a redesigned Fastener Set at Lowe’s, thanks to a great partnership with Zaptivity.

Hillman 2013-Present

Zaptivity to the rescue. We became expert hardware shoppers, asked the right questions, and got to work looking at the big picture to determine how people like to shop the category. Turns out, many folks carry the part they need to the store, holding it out in front of them and look for a match. We improved the process by refining on-pack messaging hierarchy, implementing color-coding, sizing and orienting product illustration, and proportioning type sizes.

We took a look at the industry and what was happening in-store, and talked to a bunch of their customers along the way. Zap helped get the Hillman brand back in shape!