Brand Zaptivation


The Proposition

The lawncare category offers programs that are prone to consumer confusion due to product complexity and application scheduling. Preen One Lawncare (formerly Preen StepSaver) is intended to simplify this process, but its packaging wasn't working hard enough.

Zap helped Preen One relaunch with compelling packaging, merchandising, and digital designs. We integrated graphics that instantly communicate the product's 3-in-1 benefit as well as its easy one-step application. A bold, yellow hammock becomes an instantly recognizable metaphor for easy, effective lawncare, aimed at those who want to relax and enjoy their lawn.

The results are exciting – initial sales for the relaunch are up over 500%, vastly exceeding projections.



Category Audit

Naming / Messaging

Photo Strategy

Graphic Architecture

Qualitative Research

Production Art





Graphic Architecture

Production Art

Structural Design


Digital Presence

The Preen One Lawncare social media program is a design concept intended to portray a helpful platform, building community and fostering discussion for those who seek to easily and effectively care for their lawn. A proposed Preen One app concept provides knowledge, reminders and reassurance to further the brand’s promise of easy, effective lawncare. Combined, this digital presence concept would communicate the Preen One brand consistently over all touchpoints. 




Getting Noticed

Initial sales for the relaunch are up over 500%, vastly exceeding projections.