Make it Pop

TMI Strategy


When TMI Strategy, the strategy arm for, approached Zap with the request to make them look "less Saved By The Bell," we heard them loud and clear. Their branding was fun and bright, but relied heavily on generic stock imagery. is the US's largest organization for social change volunteers and community service, with 5.5 Million members and counting. They help young people get involved and do good things! TMI Strategy uses the power of's insights to help do even more good. 

Inspired by TMI Strategy's mission and passion for social change, Zap set out to create a unique, energetic look that would help them tell their story - they are experts in what engages and excites Millennials.


Using a variety of moodboards and inspiration, we developed a style that would combine social-media inspired photography with pattern and illustration. 


Then, we illustrated TMI's core offerings: We Get Young People, We Get People Moving, We Get Data, Millennial Insights & Strategy, Community Development, and Content Planning & Execution


We also designed new graphics for their weekly newsletter of Millennial Insights (it's great, y'all! Sign up here!)


Finally, we took the new style of illustration and photography and completely redesigned their website.
Check it out! 


We hope the results speak for themselves. But here's what TMI had to say:

There’s good design and there’s thoughtful, strategic, and unique design – Zaptivity most certainly gave us the latter. They so beautifully captured the vibe of our agency while making us look smart and interesting and fun! Beyond just creating a website, they created a fresh and unique photography and illustration style for our brand. And they are the nicest group of people you will ever meet!

We’ve seen a 32% increase in website traffic and consistently get comments about how “cool” our brand image is. We couldn’t be happier!!!!

If you’re looking for a smart, flexible, brand agency who really understands how to translate your unique culture and value into an ownable visual expression, look no further than Zaptivity!
— Meredith Ferguson, Managing Director, TMI Strategy